No matter how long a team’s winning streak is, eventually, there will be a loss. Coming back from that can be difficult, especially when egos are wounded. It’s important to not get discouraged, but it’s also equally essential that a team never gets comfortable with losing. There is a balance that needs to be established, which can be found by following these tips:

Hit the Gym or the Field

When an athlete or team has suffered a loss, it could be tempting to take a break and think about what could have gone wrong. The best thing to do is…

In debt? For most, that’s the last place you want your business to be, but it can happen to anyone. When you find your small business in unmanageable debt, it’s essential to not panic too fast and start looking for a solution. Bad management of your debts can lead to you owing more and getting yourself into an even bigger pickle. Here are some tips for getting control of your business’s debt:

Start Early and Get Organized

Once you notice a pattern of making less of a profit and owing more payments than what your business is making, it’s time…

Shopping local is a great way to find unique spots in your area. Florida is home to many amazing local shops and family-owned businesses. From unique restaurants, cafes, flower shops, and vintage stores, there is something for everyone. Whether or not you live in Florida, these places are well worth visit. Check out the best mom and pop shops in Florida:

Ginny’s and Jane E’s Cafe and Coastal Store

This creative cafe is certainly one you’ll want to visit again and again. While at Ginny’s and Jane E’s Cafe, you can sip on a fresh cup of coffee and munch…

Coaches hold sports teams together, help them improve their game, and give them the constant motivation they need to take home a win. While there have been countless coaches over the years, some coaches have proven to be better than the rest. Not only have they brought in significant wins throughout their seasons, but they have fostered rookies to legends and made a name for themselves in their sports. Here are the best coaches in sports throughout history:

Casey Stengel

The New York Yankees have graced baseball’s history books many times. One of the main reasons the Yankees have found…

When you find the business you created from the ground up is at risk of closing its doors for good because of debt, it can be easy to feel utterly defeated. However, struggling with debt does not have to be the end of your business. Debt restructuring is a great way to keep your business afloat and is an option that has saved many businesses over the years.

Debt restructuring allows a business with excessive debt who may or may not already be in default, to avoid the risk of bankruptcy. …

Especially in today’s economic climate, you’ve probably been told to shop local and support small businesses. While this is easy to say, sometimes it can be hard to follow through with. More often than not, finding a local business can be hard because shopping centers are littered with big-name stores and corporate-owned businesses. If you’re looking to support your local and family-owned businesses, here is a guide to help you out:

Do Your Research

Sometimes finding a local business to support can be tough. While there are some famous mom-and-pop shops out there, many are a bit harder to find…

Starting a business on your own can be a huge step towards a bright future, but can also be a great challenge. When starting a business as a family, the challenge falls on every member. However, there are many positives when creating a family business such as working for yourself, giving a greater opportunity to your family members, and passing down a business and legacy for future generations to come. Starting a family business takes hard work and dedication, but these tips can help the beginnings be a little bit easier:

Create a Plan

A business plan is the cornerstone…

Question: What’s the most important thing we should know about you?

Barry Kornfeld: That I am a client-oriented Business Debt Consultant committed to helping business owners secure affordable financing, and/or help them restructure their unsupportable, existing business debt. I am very client-oriented: very client-centric.

Question: Name the most impactful lesson you learned from failure.

Barry Kornfeld: That no matter how many times we fall down in life, the most important thing is that we keep getting back up each and every time, and try, try again.

Question: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Barry Kornfeld: That we’ve been able…

Barry Kornfeld is based in Palm Beach, Florida, where he is a Principal and Business Debt Consultant at Value Capital Funding, a niche firm in the financial services industry that specializes in debt restructuring. Barry has over 30 years of comprehensive experience and thorough knowledge of finance and various commercial finance transactions.

Both Barry Kornfeld and his wife, Ferne Kornfeld, have spent many years in the financial services industry. With their financial skills and expertise, Barry, Ferne, and his brother, realized that there was a large and unfortunate gap within the commercial finance marketplace. They knew there were countless companies…

When your business is struggling financially, it doesn’t mean the end and you don’t have to close up shop just yet. Luckily, there are options to getting your business back up and running more efficiently, and very likely no longer being crushed by the constant difficulties of paying off existing business debt. Even more, there are ways for businesses to repay their debts while still making a profit.

To avoid bankruptcy and keep their doors open, a business will often look into debt restructuring or debt refinancing. Most of the time, they don’t truly understand the difference between them. While…

Barry Kornfeld

Based in Palm Beach, FL, Barry Kornfeld is a sports buff, small business owner, and commercial finance expert. Learn more at

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